Planet Comicon 2014 Guest: Phil Hester

4.28.12PhilHesterComic book artist and writer Phil Hester’s credits include quite a variety of subjects, as well as talents.  He has penciled comics including Swamp Thing, Brave New World, Flinch, Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, Clerks: The Lost Scene, The Crow: Waking Nightmares, The Wretch, Aliens: Purge, and Green Arrow.

50392_20060710144325_largeDuring his run on Green Arrow, he created the characters Mia Dearden and Onomatopoeia with writer Kevin Smith as well as Constantine Drakon with writer Judd Winick.  Hester co-created Uncle Slam and Firedog with his Green Arrow collaborator, artist Ande Parks.

98090_20070703210754_largePhil worked with Robert Kirkman on Marvel’s  Irredeemable Ant-Man and has written The Black Terror for Dynamite Entertainment, based on plot ideas by Alex Ross, as part of the Project Superpowers Universe.233272_20110827005004_large He also wrote DC’s Wonder Woman, based on the notes and outline by J. Michael Straczynski, after Straczynski left the title.

Phil is now writing on projects with Image Comics, Invincible Universe, and IDW’s T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and penciling DC Comics’  Adventures Of Superman.

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