Planet Comicon 2014 Event: Timey Wimey Puppet Show

EventTimeyWimey_FBTimey Wimey Puppet Show
Sunday, March 16
Noon – 12:50 PM

Direct from the YouTube web series and packed appearances at DragonCon and Gallifrey One, we’re pleased to present  this family-friend Punch-and-Judy-inspired Doctor Who comedy puppet show.  The show is for all ages! – ROOM 2502 (Lower level)

Planet Comicon 2014 Event: Sylvester McCoy

EventSMCCoy_FBSylvester McCoy
Saturday, March 15
2:00 – 2:50 PM

The Tardis has landed… in Middle Earth? He’s Radagast the Brown from The Hobbit movies! He’s also Doctor Who‘s seventh Doctor! He’s one of the biggest fandom mash-ups ever! Moderated by the Traveling the Vortex podcast crew – ROOM 3501 (Upper level)

Planet Comicon 2014 Guest: Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy as the seventh DoctorFrom Doctor Who and The Hobbit, Sylvester McCoy combines fan appeal across a wide spectrum. Perhaps best known as the seventh Doctor, McCoy appeared on Doctor Who from 1987 through 1989 and then returned to the role for the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. He’s now featured prominently as Radagast the Brown in Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of the The Hobbit. McCoy has appeared in numerous film, television, and stage roles. This is Sylvester McCoy’s first Planet Comicon appearance.

Radagast the Brown with the TARDIS.

The Seventh Doctor with Daleks

Planet Comicon 2013 Creator Guests of Honor

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