Planet Comicon 2014 Event: Khemia Creations: Cosplay Photography and Modeling

EventKCcosplay_FBKhemia Creations: Cosplay Photography and Modeling
Sunday, March 16
Noon – 12:50 PM

Whether you’re in front of behind the camera, this is the panel for you! We will be discussing techniques on how to make your cosplay photography go from a snapshot to a work of art! For those with camera in hand, we’ll tell you how to make the most of your environments, angles, and lighting to ensure you can capture the best images at every convention. For those wanting to show off their costume creations, we’ll give beginner modeling tips to offer your best side to camera every time! – ROOM 2503 (Lower level)

Planet Comicon 2014 Event: Sexuality in Cosplay

EventSexuality_FBSexuality in Cosplay
Saturday, March 15
NOON – 12:50 PM

A frank discussion of the role of sexuality in cosplay featuring prominent cosplay personalities. May not be suitable for all audiences. Parental guidance suggested. ROOM 2502 (Lower level)

Planet Comicon 2014 Event: Craft Your Fandom: Cosplay from Concept to Completion

EventCYF_FBCraft Your Fandom: Cosplay from Concept to Completion
Friday, March 14
4:00 – 4:50 PM

Craft Your Fandom: Cosplay from Concept to Completion: Join leading cosplay and prop-builder experts in a look at where to start making your favorite prop or costume. Featuring Abby DarkStar, Zen DragonMeg Turney, and more to be announced. ROOM 2502 (Lower level)

Planet Comicon 2014 Guest: Abby DarkStar and Zendragon

225Wife & husband cosplay team Abby DarkStar and Zendragon, who pull off some of the best double costume play, are scheduled to appear at Planet Comicon 2014.

Abby started going to conventions in costume around 2007/2008.  She started out as a theater major in college but when she switched majors, she still needed a creative outlet. Costuming provided that. Through the years she’s learned and is still learning a lot of techniques in order to bring the costumes and characters she chooses to life.

Her husband, Zen has been doing conventions since about 2000.  Together they bring their expertise in cosplay to a new level.  Check their website at

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Advance tickets
are available online through February 28, 2014.

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Planet Comicon 2014 Guest: Meg Turney

IntMeg_Turney_as_Elizabeth_from_Bioshockernet personMegTurney200x200ality Meg Turney is known for her cosplaying and for being a co-host of the internet news program SourceFed. Meg is a host of the SourceFed spinoff channel, SourceFedNERD, as well.


Planet Comicon 2013 Creator Guests of Honor

Advance tickets
are available online through February 28, 2014.

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