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Straight from the popular YouTube videos, Timey Wimey Puppet Show makes a live appearance at Planet Comicon. Planetary puppeteer Mike Horner is traveling through time and space with his array of Doctor Who puppets. He will be performing live as part of our panel programming and will be available to meeting with fans during the convention. The exact time of performances and availability is yet to be determined.

Traveling The Vortex Live Podcast

Traveling The Vortex Live Podcast


Topeka’s Traveling The Vortex podcast will record a live Doctor Who podcast during the convention’s panel programming. Traveling the Vortex is a weekly show that reviews all things Doctor Who, including new and classic episodes, spin-offs, Big Finish audio adventures, and books.

The podcast is hosted by Glenn Bartlett, Shaun Collins, and Keith Miles, and got its start when Glenn and Shaun wanted to introduce someone new to the show and record the results.  For more than 100 episodes, the audience has listened as Keith has become a huge fan of the show, even appearing at Planet Comicon 2012 in costume as the Eleventh Doctor.  You can listen to episodes at www.travelingthevortex.com.

The time of the panel is still to be determined, so make sure to check the schedule. Traveling the Vortex is very excited to be a part of this year’s con!

4 Responses

  1. How much is the charge to get your picture taken in the DeLorean?

  2. Will Froggy or some other company have a photo op area set up like 2013? I have not been able to find this info. Thanks.

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