This post will be updated regularly with the answers to questions that repeatedly come up regarding Planet Comicon 2014. Please consult this area before contacting us directly.


Q: How do I participate as an artist/creator at Planet Comicon?

The application for Artists Alley space is here. The application includes the details of Artist Alley registration.


Q: Will the guests be charging for their autographs?

Creator guests generally do not charge for autographs. In an effort to keep the lines moving, many creators will place a limit on how many autographs will be given to a single individual at one time. After that time, they may begin to charge or ask that you get back in line. Be respectful of the guests and your fellow convention attendees.

All media guests will be charging for their autographs. Prices for autographs are at the guest’s discretion.


Q: Will there be food/beverages available for sale at Planet Comicon?

Yes, and there will be more food locations in Bartle Hall than at the 2014 show. Attendees will have access to multiple food options, including Quizno’s subs, hamburgers, and hot dogs.  There will also be multiple locations offering beverages.


Q: Will there be costuming at Planet Comicon?

Of course. Our show has always welcomed costuming, and this year will be no exception. More details about our costume contest will be posted prior to the show.

Q: What is the policy on props?

Sharpened instruments and firearms are prohibited. While many of the characters people portray carry weapons, keep the safety of your fellow attendees first and foremost in your thoughts when choosing accessories. While we have additional room in Bartle Hall, there are still times when you are in close quarters, and we want to prevent any injuries.


Q: How do I get electricity for my artist alley/exhibitor space?

Electricity is provided by an outside service. An application for electrical service will be posted shortly. Availability of electrical service may be limited.


Q: Where should we enter Bartle Hall?

The entrance to Planet Comicon 2013 is through the 2200 Lobby of Bartle Hall, which is located on 13th Street between Central and Broadway.  Enter through the doors on the south side of the street and proceed down the long hallway to the 2300 Lobby.  The ticket booths and Will Call windows will be on opposite sides of the hallway near the bottom of the escalators leading to Hall D.


Q: How do I participate as an exhibitor/vendor at Planet Comicon?

We will post an application with all of the details shortly.


Q: Will there be gaming at Planet Comicon?

Yes. More details will be posted when they’re available.


Q: Will there be an appearance schedule for the guests?

All guests will be present at Planet Comicon all three days unless otherwise noted.


Q: Where can I stay during Planet Comicon 2013?

The official hotel of the convention is the Marriott Kansas City Downtown.  For more information on how to make reservations, check here.  Alternate hotel locations can be found here.


Q: Where is Planet Comicon 2014 being held?

Planet Comicon 2014 will be held at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.


Q: Where should I park for the show?

There are two different maps of the parking areas that surround Bartle Hall. You can find them here and here. You should be prepared to pay for parking.


Q: Will the guests be available for photographs?

Yes. All of our guests are available for photographs, though there may be different stipulations regarding the circumstances. Some guests will allow you to take photographs of them for free, while others will not. Some will take photographs WITH YOU for free, but others will charge. When in doubt, ask the guest.


Q: Will there be a chance to have my portfolio reviewed by representatives from publishers?

Yes. We know many of you aspiring creators have been preparing for having your portfolios reviewed at Planet Comicon.  Representatives from Marvel, Dynamite Entertainment, and Andrews McMeel Universal will be available. See more on the Portfolio Review page here.


Q: Is the TREKtacular STNG Cast Reunion included in the ticket price?

No.  This is a separately ticketed event that occurs as Planet Comicon 2014 is coming to a close on Sunday March 16th.  Tickets are available through Ticketmaster. There is a link on this web-site for tickets.  An admission to the STNG Reunion event is not an admission to Planet Comicon and an admission to Planet Comicon is not an admission to the STNG Reunion event.  Tickets to the STNG Reunion event will be available through Ticketmaster through the date of the show, assuming there are still tickets available.

Q: How can I get tickets to Planet Comicon?

Advance tickets are on sale online here through February 28th. After that date tickets will only be available for sale at the door.

Q: If I purchase advance tickets online, how will I receive them?

You will not receive physical tickets.  Your tickets will be available at a “will-call” window at Bartle Hall on the dates of the show. If you are the purchaser of said tickets, you will only need to bring ID. If the tickets were purchased by someone else, you will need to bring a copy of the receipt for pickup.

Q: If I purchase advance physical tickets, can I get directly into line at the show?

All advance ticket holders will need to check in at will call in order to collect their admissions.

Q: Will advance ticket holders be allowed early entry as in years past?

We will not be having early admission of advance ticket holders to Planet Comicon for the 2014 show.

TREKtacular STNG Cast Reunion Event

Q: Is the TREKtacular STNG Cast Reunion included in the ticket price?

This special event will require separate tickets. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster. A link is on the web-site.

Q: Will Star Trek cast members be available for autographs and photographs during the regular Planet Comicon event on the exhibit floor like other media guests?

Yes.  All STNG cast members will be available to meet fans, sign autographs and pose for photos in the exhibit hall.  Most will be available all 3 days.  Wil Wheaton is Saturday and Sunday only.  There will be a fee for autographs and for photo opportunities.  Schedules will vary. William Shatner will only be at the show on Sunday, March 16th. He will be available for autographs and photo opportunities to Planet Comicon attendees from approximately 10:30am through about 3:30pm.

78 Responses

  1. How about ins and outs? Food Concessions? Water fountains?

    • There will be a single entrance. We’ll have details on that later. As far as food concessions are concerned, there will be real food this year, including but not limited to Quizno’s, hamburgers, and hot dogs. There are water fountains near the restrooms, which are located inside the main hall.

  2. Is there an overall theme?

  3. Will anything be sold there? And if so, what? ?_?

    • We should have a list of exhibitors up shortly. Vendors this year will be selling everything from comic books to T-shirts, posters to statues, toys to collectibles. You won’t want for awesome things to drop your hard-earned money on.

  4. With the sentence, no firearms of any kind,does that eliminate all props like for Stormtroopers, Umbrella etc?

  5. Can people volunteer to help in the con?

  6. Would I be able to record video inside the convention? I would like to cover it as an event for a communications class I am taking at Wichita State. Even if I am only able to record in select areas that would be wonderful, as I have a maximum of three minutes for my assignment.

  7. is the vampire diaries going to be represented here by any chance

  8. do you know if vendors will be buying items at the con? for instance i have a friend who has some fairly old comics that he’s looking to unload.

  9. Will there be a list of all events and times popping up soon? Thanks, as usual.

  10. Thank you, Justin.

  11. I want to do a cosplay that uses replica weapons that are guns but aren’t REAL guns, I wanted to know if that’d be ok since they aren’t actual firearms

  12. Will there be a secure place to store things we don’t want to drag around with us all day?? :)

  13. I just have one question. I plan on bringing my storm trooper costume. Do I need to leave the blaster behind? Thanks.

  14. Hi! I have a question, what if we have a cane-sword and have it peacebound. Would we still be able to bring it? It’s part of my steampunk outfit but it’s completely okay if not!

  15. Haha. Basically have it ziptied or taped around the opening so we can’t unscrew the sword part. x] I should have explained that, my bad!

  16. Will each room be open to walk through or will we have to exit each room, walk down the hall and enter a different room ?

    • To the best of my knowledge, each panel room will have a single entrance.

      • Thanks for being so informative on here. I have one additional question, what’s the policy on shoes? (fairy cosplay) If your costume requires barefoot, is that okay, as long as you don’t mind possibly getting stepped on?

      • I think you can leave out the “probably.” Though I’m not aware of anything precluding you from going barefoot, I would encourage you to think about bringing a pair of shoes as a backup plan.

  17. When I go to pick up my presale tix Friday night, can I pick up an extra ticket for last minute friend?

  18. Are there any restrictions on the type of camera you can bring?

  19. So can we not wear Store bought costumes at all? Or is that just for the Costume competition?

  20. Hey I’m exhibiting and I can’t find a time and were suppose togo for load in on friday. Are we getting a email on this it might help for this being a new convention center.

  21. Can you bring backpack in?

  22. do kids ages 14 and 15 have to have an adult with them and can they bring in something like a sack lunch for while they are attending?

    • We don’t enforce parental supervision, but you should understand that we’re expecting attendance in the thousands. We’ll have food for sale on the premises, but I don’t believe outside food will be permitted.

  23. i noticed that you may buy photographs, are personal cameras allowed as well ?

  24. This may sound weird, but we missed out on advance tickets, and due to some medical concerns, my wife is wondering if there will be restroom access while waiting in the ticket line, or only once you’ve paid to get in?

  25. I have a film project for my high school video class. What are the terms to get interviews with some of the media guests and creators?

    • I wouldn’t count on there being any time to interview the media guests. They will be busy. Creator guests may have openings in their day, but it will depend on their lines.

  26. camera’s allowed? i didnt see anything specifically addressing this

  27. Does Bartle Hall provide wi-fi?

    • They do have limited wifi, but we’re expecting it to be overwhelmed quickly. Don’t allow your enjoyment of the show to hinge on the existence of wifi.

      • Thanks! We are just trying to plan a way to stay in contact with my older children who may be allowed to roam on their own.

  28. Hey there, I’ve been trying to get in contact with you guys for over a month, yet my emails have all gone unanswered.

    We have a member of our party who is autistic and panics in situations where he gets trapped in a small, loud, space. For this reason, he has always had problems with lines. Is there a way we could get him to bypass the line, or have him wait in a separate area with his caretaker and then come up with the rest of us to get his ticket. He’s very excited about going, and my party just wants to be sure he’s able to actually get his ticket and be able to attend

    • Sorry. This is the first I’m hearing of it. I don’t know that there is a way to avoid lines and/or crowds. Check in at the ticket office and explain your situation. I’m sure we can make accommodations.

  29. Is there plenty of seating available throughout, or would we be allowed to bring in a folding chair? We have a member of our party who can’t stand for long periods of time.

    • We should have plenty of seating, and I would like to think that anyone attending our show would be gracious enough to offer up their seat to someone in need.

  30. Are spray painted Nerf guns and replica guns (like airsoft and other prop guns, it would be unloaded of course) for costume pieces still be considered a firearm? If not, are orange tips required? Also, is there a rule against costume pieces covering ones head and face? (that is a new rule at movie theaters since the dark knight incident and I wondered if it applies)

    • We don’t have an existing policy regarding covering the head, but we don’t want any weaponry that fires anything, unloaded or not. Thanks.

      • If its unloaded, gutted, has an orange tip and no cartridge, is an airsoft allowed? I was planning to glue everything down so there’s no way it can fire anything.

      • We will have a weapons policy posted soon. I have forwarded this inquiry to our staff person familiar with weapons matters for his review. Thank you for your inquiry.

  31. Are spray painted water guns allowed then? Without the water, of course and are cane-swords allowed if they’re peace bound? (i.e. ziptied closed and/or taped closed with electrical tape)?

  32. What about strollers and stuff for toddlers. Will there be enough room for this?

  33. Is herb Trimpe going to be there ?

  34. Is anime allowed at the Comicon? :o

  35. Are there going to be actual Planet Comicon event tshirts? Or just tshirts vendors will be selling?

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