Costume Contest

Cosplay at Planet Comicon

Planet Comicon, Kansas City, March 14-16, 2014

Planet Comicon 2014 will have a significant cosplay element including a costume contest. We will also provide space in the exhibit hall and in the hallways for cosplayers to meet and greet fans, show their costumes and post for pictures. Cosplay has become more popular the last few years and with our association with SyFy Channel’s Heroes of Cosplay, we expect 2014 to be an even bigger year for costumes fans. We encourage anyone who wants to attend in costume to do so!

Please note: For everyone’s safety, firearms and sharpened instruments are prohibited. Many characters are associated with various weapons. We encourage you to be creative to build facsimile weapons that do not pose a risk of injury.


Planet Comicon 2014 Costume Contest


Youth Contest (ages 14 and under) takes place on Saturday, March 15th at 2pm in Panel Room 2505.

Adult Contest (ages 15 and up) takes place on Saturday, March 15th at 5pm in the Great Hall Room 3501.

Early Registration (located at the Information Booth in the main Exhibition Hall) ends at 1pm for Youth Contest, 3pm for the Adult.
All contestants must arrive outside the corresponding room before the contest begins for line up; 1:30p for children, 4pm for Adult. Please be prepared at this time for line-up and check in.

Prizes are as follows:Youth (Gift Card):
Best in Show =$100
1st Runner Up = $50
2nd Runner Up = $25

Best in Show (Male) =$600 +Championship Belt
Best in Show (Female) =$600 +Championship Belt
1st Runner Up = $400
2nd Runner Up = $200
- Solo Superhero
- Solo Super Villain
- Solo Anime
- Solo Film/TV
- Solo Videogame
- Solo Fantasy
- Solo SciFi
- Group

Categories are for organizational and structural purposes only, judging will determine best in show awards. These awards are for single contestants only, Contestants may also appear as part of a group, but no awards will be given for the group division.

All contestants must observe a PG13 friendly policy; no nudity, profanity, or abusive content. All props must be checked in at the Information Booth at time of initial registration. No sharpened wood or metal is allowed, and any firearms (or mock firearms) must have all mechanisms blocked or removed from operation. Final determination is made at time of registration.

Any offensive content complaints from fellow attendees must be addressed by convention staff and could result in dismissal from the premises until alterations are made to costume.

53 Responses

  1. How and when do we register for the youth costume contest?

  2. What about Science Fiction?? Especially Si-Fi that isn’t a movie (like Doctor Who)?

  3. Will there be somewhere for TV shows like Sherlock to fit in?

  4. Any updates on categories and contest times please? Thanks!

    • The times for the costume contests are listed under the EVENTS tab. The categories will have additional details forthcoming.

      • It looks like the kids costume contest is scheduled for 6pm. Is that correct? 6pm?

      • The youth costume contest will take place on Saturday afternoon. The first of two ADULT costume contests for the weekend will happen at 6 PM on Saturday. We’ll get a time up for the youth costume contest. Odds are, it will be happening in the main hall.

  5. Do we need to register online for the adult costume contest? If so, how? :)

  6. There isn’t an entry fee, is there at registration? Nobody has mentioned it, so I’m assuming there isn’t…

  7. I would love to cosplay as my Half Elven Paladin from D&D Is this allowed here and would it fall under Fantasy?

  8. Does store bought also include having to commission someone to make it for you?

  9. If our costume is obviously from a movie, are we supposed to justify that like heroes and villains are supposed to justify themselves on stage? Are we still expected to say something onstage? If so… What?

  10. Is there the possibility of a small group(being of only two people) could be presented together? I see no rules or acknowledgements toward it, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

  11. Have you decided where Doctor Who costumes will fit in your categories? You don’t have a Science Fiction category. Are you going to eliminate “Comic Book” and just have “Heroes” and “Villains” for your Saturday and Sunday entries?

  12. My costume may include a gun, but I’ve noticed that fake guns either look ridiculously bizarre, or wind up looking terribly realistic. Just wanted to know the organizer’s thoughts when it comes to that, and if the convention has any restrictions when it comes to prop firearms.

  13. I don’t see anywhere on the site where the rules are fully written out, besides justify your category and no store bought costumes. Is there a set written out, and if not are there restrictions on costumes that won at bigger conventions or previously at this one?

  14. You say the top male and female will be awarded in each category. How are you handling crossplayers? Will we be judged as our physical gender, or the gender of the character we are portraying? (As in, I don’t play “Female” Jack Harkness, I play Jack Harkness.)

  15. Will there be manga or anime?

  16. Can we bring pets??

  17. My daughter had a fun time in the youth costume contest. However, she was let down because this site says that “Prizes for participation will be awarded”. There were no participation prizes. Also, she’s 13 and wondered why she was in the same competition with toddlers. We think that letting audience applause decide the winners skewed the judging toward the cuteness of the kids rather than the creativity of the costumes.
    All-in-all we had a great time. Thanks for another fun comicon!

  18. Will there be pics posted somewhere from the contest(s)? Or are those the property of Syfy and we will need to wait until they release them?

  19. Is there the possibility to Cosplay as a character from the Webcomic series Homestuck?

  20. So if I wanted to come as a Hobbit elf, what weapons are allowed and aren’t allowed? Cause I was gonna bring my katana but didn’t know what was allowed for cosplaying weaponry. And what are the ages for the adult costume contest if I’m 14

    • Sharpened instruments and firearms are prohibited. While many of the characters people portray carry weapons, keep the safety of your fellow attendees first and foremost in your thoughts when choosing accessories. While we have additional room in Bartle Hall, there are still times when you are in close quarters, and we want to prevent any injuries.

  21. So, is there any current information about the cosplay contest? The time is drawing near!

  22. For the group contest skits are allowed right? And is there a alotted time for skits to run? I know no one would do it for like 30 minutes but maybe like 6 to 5?

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