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General Questions, Exhibitors and/or Artist Alley Inquiries:

Christopher Jackson
PO Box 25095
Overland Park, KS 66225
(913) 345-1069

19 Responses

  1. Are there voulenteer spots still open and if so, howdo you vvoulenteer?

  2. If you need to fill a panel for one of your halls. Might I Recommend a Real Life Super Hero Panel. I am apart of the Real Life Super Community and I would be humbled to be asked questions concerning RLSH.

  3. Is there anyone from The Walking Dead cast that’s going to be there?

  4. How do you go about getting a Fan Group listed on the Fan Group Page?

  5. Are we going get any info on what time exhibitors can

    get in and where we are supose to go to loud in.

  6. I have a question, I lost one of my tickets that I preordered and I was wondering if I could buy another when I go pick up my others tonight. Pleace and thank you

  7. would planet comicon be apprpiate for 12 year old guys

  8. Just wanted to say thanks again for such a wonderful Con! it was my first big convention, and while a tad overwhelmingwith such a large crowd, I’m so glad I was able to participate! Thanks to all who worked hard to make this happen, and book all the awesome guests!

  9. Chris : Iam a Leather Vendor, and would like some info about vending at your con . Thanks Jeremiah (J and L Trading Co.)

  10. Will there be a venue in the 2014 con where writers can present their portfolio to Marvel?

    • I will check with Mr. Cebulski and see what he wants to do regarding this aspect of portfolio review. I know we are having an artists review and will will post more information soon.

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