Chris Jackson – Promoter (

Matt Driscoll – Talent Scout / Coordinator

Kirk Chritton – Panel Coordinator

Jason P. Hunt – Video Coordinator

C.J. Bunce – Consultant

Darren Neely – Graphic Design

30 Responses

  1. I heard Ray Parks may be at Planet Comicon this year, is that true???

    Thank you,

  2. With the price of admission does it include autographs or is that an additional price?

  3. Can you bring your own items in to have signed?

  4. Will all the guests be there throughout both days, or is there somewhere we can see who will be there on which days so we can buy tickets accordingly?

  5. Will you have Electric Scooters for rental?

  6. Another question about the autograph fee thing. I have never been to a convention like this and didn’t even realize the celebs charged for that… After reading this, i did some googling, and found another convention website that listed the celebs autograph and photo op fees with their names. Would it be possible for you guys to add that info here so some of us might be able to plan our budgets?

    • We’ve found in previous years that media guests would prefer we not post such a list as their prices are always changing depending on the venue. They could well charge less than their usual rate at Planet Comicon, and we would hate to ruin that. You should feel safe budgeting between $20 and $40 for an autograph from any media guest.

  7. this is going to be my first comic con and i was wondering if anyone could tell me what one is like

    • I’m not sure anyone could tell you exactly what Planet Comicon is like, but I think you can get an idea of what goes on by reading some of the entries in the Planet Comicontest. These are our fans, and these are their favorite memories of past shows. This year, everyone will get the opportunity to create new ones. Yourself included. Thanks for coming.

  8. How soon can we expect a schedule of events?

  9. As this is technically a Con, will there be many cosplayers, or is this a more subdued event?

    • Ocean’s 11 was technically a con, Melissa. Planet Comicon is a full-fledged comic book and pop culture convention, and we expect to be packed to the rafters with cosplayers. With two different costume contests (adults and children) and more than twice as much space, this event will be anything but subdued. :)

  10. Whats the policy on bringing in food or drink?

    • No outside food or drink will be allowed, per Bartle Hall regulations. On the bright side, there will be plenty of great food and beverages available inside, including but not limited to Quizno’s, hamburgers, hot dogs, and pulled pork sandwiches.

  11. Can you leave event a re-enter

  12. Will you need anyone to help clean up/set up?

  13. I didn’t even ask the question I came to the site to ask….fraking sleep deprivation….This is my first “Planet Comicon” event will it be all western comics/Geek Gear or will there be Manga/Anime/ (western or Japanese…though tactical JRPGs like Disgaea are my crack)video games?

  14. Do you know if Bartle Hall will allow backpacks??? I’m bringing several of my old back issues to sell/trade, and I’d really rather not have to needlessly carry around a full cardboard comic box with me the entire time …

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