Planet Comicon 2014 Guest: Greg Rucka

75260010  The-Punisher_3-674x1024Greg Rucka is the author of twenty novels, the latest of which, BRAVO, will be released this July, as well as more comic books than any sane person can count. In addition to critically acclaimed runs on such mainstream titles as Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, The Punisher, and Wolverine, he’s the creator of several series, including Queen & Country, Whiteout (with Steve Lieber), and Stumptown (with Matthew Southworth).  

photo-little He currently writes the webcomic Lady Sabre & The Pirates of theimages Ineffable Aether, drawn by fellow guest Rick Burchett, and the comic Lazarus, from Image Comics, with co-creator Michael Lark.



Planet Comicon 2013 Creator Guests of Honor

Advance tickets
are available online through February 28, 2014.

See details HERE!

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2 Responses

  1. Will Greg Rucka be there each day or only on a certain day?

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